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IT'S YOUR TURN !         
I invite you to meet me for a free Get Acquainted Sample Coaching Session in person or even over the phone.  You will take away either a new perspective, an action plan, a first step, or at the very least, an inspiration to motivate you into moving forward and "TAKING YOUR TURN !"  Or, how about satisfying your curiosity about what the magic of coaching is all about?  Give me a call 716-812-0305 or send an email, and I will be happy to accommodate an appointment that meets your busy schedule; or you can call me or Skype from the comfort of your favorite chair at home!  (there's truly no obligation, no fee, & especially - no worries.) Remember, coaching is about YOU!
"I truly felt "touched"  
after leaving  our session  
& feel like I've changed  
in some way.  
    I feel more relaxed  
& comforted  in general.  
 My thinking is changing,  
 & my feelings & intentions  
are changing.  It was fun too!"  
- Michele P.   
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"Loved your newsletter!"
-  Pete 




Be Unstoppable!

gets you started.
(that's how you feel
right now!)
Habit keeps you going."
(that's what we're going to accomplish!)
- James Ryan

Would love to celebrate my Story with y'all:

A New Way To Navigate"

It's about being in leaping faith & paralyzing fear - simultaneously!!! - when I quit my job & launched my coaching practice (when everyone was asking, "What's a Life Coach?!?"
(gulp. what did i just do?)

in my new book:
Courageous Stories
from Inspiring Women, Vol III

from Amazon
or directly from me :)

Who wants to finally know
Inviting you to my
Joy vs. Depletion System™
or New World Marketplace Mindset System™
or learn some Life Tools From Your Toolbelt™
or ALL OF IT!!!

Join me
and my SuperHeros!

(Handout Provided
so you can "start" right now!)
I Will Be Speaking At . . .

Your Place?
If you invite me, I'd be honored to come!

My Coaching Place?
You are
warmly welcome!

"Heartfelt thanks for attending"
       I absolutely loved meeting,  chatting, & sharing with all of you at the past many events!  Thank you for the honor of spending time with you at your place, or visiting my booth, signing up for my Newsletter, inviting me to speak & coach, or attending my workshops.  So many of you now have a special place in my heart, so please give yourself permission right now to give me a call or send me an email if you have any further questions or concerns.   Remember, every question or idea is one forward moving step towards  taking your turn to be unstoppable!
            Thank you all for your sharing, caring, ideas & energy. 
You're amazing!
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