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I commend you for investing in yourself as a student of your life!
I know how hard it is to put yourself first.  (Ask me about the Life Tool to use for that!)  There is a schedule and a budget that is Simple, Comfortable, Doable and Your Way.  Never say never.  There is always a Choice!  No settling.  No getting stuck.  I'm an email or phonecall away.  I give you permission to Give Yourself Permission to ASK.  My job is to hear and support you.
Ongoing Coaching (this means on the calendar every month: multiple times per month, but no less than once per month) 
75 minute session (can't seem to finish in 60!) $125

(Ongoing Coaching where you invest your precious time and precious energy in yourself is honored and rewarded in the extra time of 75 minute sessions and the rewarded "invested" cost of $125!)

One Time/One Topic "Laser Coaching" (not ongoing)
60 minute session $150
      In person or on the phone in a "teleclass" (everyone on a dedicated telephone line that I will easily facilitate so everyone speaks & listens as if we're sitting in the same room - it's amazing & fun and you don't have to leave your cozy home.  Puzzled about a teleclass?  So was I at first.  But it just fits right in with Smart & Simple - one less place to rush off to - saves precious time, energy & gas!)  
    Many of us share the same life areas we'd like to champion or focus more or less on & enjoy the connection with other like-minded friends.  The extra supportive benefits of a group are that you have a larger support system, you experience the dynamics, fun & caring of group energy, you share the collective wisdom of the group, you can access coaching services for less, & you leave empowered, supported & inspired that you've made a contribution to someone else.  We also share emails, handouts & hearts!  Investment $ is based on number in group & schedule.  Let's form a group - I'm here to coordinate your needs and ideas - call or email me for special pricing.
"I look forward every month to seeing you & our group.
Since I have started on this journey,
I am discovering more & more about myself.
I am truly loving every moment!" 
- Colleen

      When you feel this much gratitude & are living the life you love, it's time to give back.  I'm grateful to extend Coaching Scholarships.  If you know you can benefit from coaching, and you are ready & committed to do the work, & your budget is the only thing stopping you, please do not hesitate to contact me & check the availability of this limited number of Coaching Scholarships.
(yes, this deserves repeating!  . . .)
I commend you for investing in yourself as a student of your life 
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