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There's no coincidence that you've Arrived Here!

Apologies that my current website is so very "Wilma Flintstone!"  We are working on my new Wordpress site, and I will be so "Jane Jetson" very soon!  In the meantime, truly, there is no coincidence that you and I are now aligned - so keep going - reach out on the Contact Us Page, and I'll reply asap.  
I promise you more transformation
and less information
and how to get there in Joy & Positivity
(not negativity & depletion)
I am Your Keep It Simple Coach™
(none of us need one more thing to do,
book to read, or guru to follow, right?!)
Truly what I see every day,
myself included,
is that it's never about
Your Skills, or Expertise, or Talents,
or Blessings, or Plans, or Dreams, or Goals,
(personally or professionally) -
It's about what you allow to get in your way
and stop you!
(everyone connects right there!)

Experience Life Flow
with my Mindset Navigation™ System!
Use My Joy vs. Depletion System™
as simple as 2 directions - 24/7 -
and Your Life Tools from Your Toolbelt™
Watch everything align!
Change is hard.
My Systems are the Simple How.
The Trick is to Be Consistent!
This is what Rewiring your Mindset
with my System feels like:
 Put your token on the Start Box
on the Game Board. 
Move one Choice at a time -
 (one Simple, Comfortable, Doable
& Your Way Choice at a time!)
Keep moving forward.
Getting easier?  Celebrate.
Did you get sent back to Start?
Simply Choose Instead again
to get a different result.
Never get stuck.
Never settle.
There's always another Choice.
It's a Navigational Mindset System
to Rewire Your Brain -
to Do Something Different
to Get a Different Result
by Traveling on Your New Neurological Pathway
instead of grappling along on your old default!

No one is exempt from life's challenges.
Perfection, balance, "when I. . . "
are endless pursuits.
"let it go. . ." & "move on" DON'T WORK! UGH!
It's about traveling in Joy on Your Journey
in Positivity
where you are effective and have clarity.
It's about not allowing negativity and nose-diving onto the depletion road where you get nothing done, are in overwhelm & stress, and believe you belong there.
We all land there.
(no one is exempt, remember?)
I invite you to not stay here.

My System gives you that How.
Once you know it,
you are Unstoppable!

It will never matter again - who or what shows up and "thinks" it's going to get in your way and stop you!  It's about what you now are re-wired to Choose Instead!
This is where you are
Worthy & Deserving to be -
personally and professionally!
Email, call me, or use website "Contact Us" page and ask me.  I cannot wait to tell you The How.

"Loved working with Nancy Rizzo!
And she coaches groups too - she coached my team. 
Her transitional process will not only get you back on the right track, it'll help you STAY on the right track.  Great experience and I highly recommend Nancy to you!"
- Molly McGowan 
"Nancy, thank you for our session this week!
Boy, it is true that when you feel so down
that you feel as if you cannot even talk to anyone,
working with your amazing life coach
is EXACTLY what you DO need!
Feeling great today & applying what is
simple, comfortable & doable makes anyone unstoppable!!"
- Melissa O'Reilly, CEO, Shush Shoes
"Your presentation was very inspirational.
I'm looking forward to reading your book." - Karen
"Maya Angelou said, 'We did then what we knew how to do.  
And when we knew better, we did better.'  
Thanks for helping us learn how to do better."   
-  Carole  
      ~  Time is precious.
            Energy is invaluable.
                 Life is a gift.
                      You are meant to be happy.     
                           You are here for a purpose.    
"Finally I am taking the time to do that 'special something'  
that I have always loved doing but never took the time for myself -  
  until now!  You were part of that inspiration - thank you!"   
-  Cindy  

"I am so grateful to Nancy Rizzo for everything  
she has shared with me in her classes and coaching!  
Nancy has a gift for offering loving guidance & wisdom  
which helps me walk my life path in greater comfort & safety."   
- Lesa    
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"Thank you for your newsletter.  
I enjoy the reminder about just taking care of myself -  
so easy to forget in these times.  
You have such a gentle way of delivering the message."  
 - Jeryl  
 "I enjoy reading your Newsletters.
 Your words are simple but very powerful!!!"
 - Patty
"I just read your Newsletter, and as always, 
feel renewed, strengthened and ready to face tomorrow. 
Thanks for your simple yet powerful words."  
  - Nancy M. 
  "I love to read your Newsletters. 
  They're refreshing and spiritual."
  - Michele D.
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