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                   Nancy Rizzo is a Certified Life Coach. Her Mindset Navigation™ trademarked system has created life-changing results for her clients over the past 13 years. They answer the important question “How?” How do we successfully navigate and overcome personal and professional challenges that “anchor” us? And how do we stay positive through it all? We may feel like we know “the How” intellectually, but are we actually executing it? Nancy helps you rewire that knowing into action. That becomes your new habit!

                    Nancy’s systems and tools are based on the art and neuroscience of change: retraining and re‑wiring brain habits, thoughts, and beliefs so you can get off that old default mindset and onto your new life story.  It's also based on the neurochemistry involved in either supporting or impeding your efforts to get unstuck, move forward, or have a perspective that serves you.  Oxytocin versus Cortisol - calm or stress,  trust or distrust, flow or grappling!

                    Her coaching philosophy is based on consistently choosing “Mindset First and Action Second” so you can be successful – making choices that you can actually execute from authenticity and integrity. “You are here for a purpose, and you are meant to be happy” is the foundation of Nancy’s coaching practice, Smart & Simple Wellness. Her Mindset Navigation™ System allows you to be effective, productive and moving forward instead of grappling through or feeling unworthy of what you truly deserve and getting nowhere.

                   Nancy is a Speaker, Instructor, Author, Group and Personal Coach, offering in-person, telephone, workshop, and virtual sessions. She is also a Certified New Life Story Wellness™ Coach and a Certified Conversational Intelligence® Coach. Nancy brings over 25 years business experience and leadership across numerous industries and departments to her coaching. She specializes in coaching women business owners on their pioneering journeys! She is the “woman behind the women” who lights a fire under “hard workin’ womenfolk” and makes them unstoppable!

                   Nancy volunteers her time leading, supporting and networking women in the community as Membership Chair and past Vice President of The American Business Women’s Association (ABWA), service on the Board for The National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO), and six years as Secretary of New York State Women, Inc., which includes the support and services these groups provide back to their communities.

                   Buffalonians, Nancy and her husband of 46 years are blessed with two amazing sons, precious daughter-in-law, and two young grandsons!

                    "I will research and work behind the scenes between sessions for you. You will always be on my mind.

                    I do not diagnose or treat, and I am not a therapist or counselor. We will always be in a forward moving direction - paving the way towards your best life. We will not spend your valuable time & energy trying to change the past. The changes you seek are in the present for a better future. It's smarter & simpler.

                    The Ethical Standards within the Coaching Industry are very clear and of the highest integrity, and our sessions will forever be maintained in the utmost confidentiality.

                    I will treasure and look forward to celebrating each of your accomplishments & "wins" along your way. I believe in you."

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"I came back so refreshed from

attending your workshop

& hearing you speak.

We all need to just be around

positive people like you

the way the world is today."

- Margie 

Every word you write makes me stop and think" - Terry

"I enjoy reading your newsletters - they are enlightening & uplifting" - Diane

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Officer 2012-2017 & Current Member: New York State Women, Inc.

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Board Member 2013-2015 & Current Member: National Association of

Women Business Owners NAWBO

Officer 2015-2017, Board Member 2017-2019 & Current Member:

American Business Women's Association ABWA

Board Member 2011 - 2017 & Current Member: NYS Women Inc. 

Board Member 2012-2013 Buffalo Celebrates Women

Ambassador 2012 and Past Member:  Canisius College Women's Business Center Women In Business

Member: Women in Business in Buffalo Mixers

Past Member: The Heart Link™ Network

Smart & Simple Wellness


Offices: Buffalo, New York

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